The SATOSHI KOALAS (TSK) is the world’s first metaverse and IRL (in real life) organization bringing the two worlds together in order to be able to offer free artistic, sports and eSports education to all children who are members of one of The SATOSHI KOALAS partners.

We believe that access and quality to sports or artistic education for children and young adults should not be conditionned by the economic state of their social environment !!

For this, TSK sells NFTs, designed by our academics or in collaboration with our partners.
These NFTs will represent, personalized training and training equipment bearing the image of The SATOSHI KOALAS.

Revenues from NFTs sales will finance the physical forms of its representations which will then be offered to our partners.

We build our dream on the metaverse to make it real !


Collection of 9111 NFTs from unique TSK OGs grants access to The SATOSHI KOALAS Foundation.

Each NFT has been designed based on child achievement.
They were made with love passion and dream.

Having a TSK OG is sharing the cause of The SATOSHI KOALAS, that of free artistic, sports and eSports education. Accompanied each koala to flourish and progress.

The TSK OG are the first to invest in the 1st Metaverse Foundation producting concrete actions IRL in favor of children.

Today in Paris and Canada, soon in Cameroon, join us and help children around the world.

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The whitelist for the TSK-OG collection is open.

To register, you must have a 3D KOALA in your wallet.
A few days before the launch a snapshot will be made to determine the eligible addresses.
Click on the price of the koala to arrive on the opensea tsk store.


Being a member of the TSK foundation benefits :


Access to the team’s private group in order to be able to follow the projects as closely as possible and know in preview the partners of The SATOSHI KOALAS.


Any member of the club can propose partners to TSK.
The partners can be IRL (artistic or sports structures) on the internet (influencer, Youtube channel of humanitarian or educational purposes, external eSport trainer) or metaverse (another NFT collection or brand).


Early access to sales of new collections


Meet IRL at world renowed art and sporting events to expand the brand and champion of cause.


You own all the commercial rights of your TSK-OG.


In case of winning a prize from The SATOSHI KOALAS in any of the tournaments organized by NFTEAMs, a random owner will win 9,111% of the overall prize pool.


Early access to sales of NFTs from our partners and academician.


December 2021
July 2022
Sept 2022
At 20% of sales
At 50% of sales
At 75 %
Sold out

First aid to our IRL partners for children.

Investment in P2E to allow future members of TSK Academy to be able to play the first game witout investinfg money upfront.

Creation of a fund that will make it possible to issue scholarships and special bonuses.

In order to publicize its image and promote an artist from the NFT ecosystem, TSK collaborates with an entity to produce an NFT POAP only recoverable at partner events.

The events can be of an official or informal nature meeting whose subject is crypto NFT, sport, eSport, art or humanitarian.

We actively participate in the adoption of technology.
We will communicate the various events on social networks.

Expand the partner network and encourage them to join us with gifts.
We will attract training centers of great prestige.
We will also make sure to remain open to local initiatives

Anyone wishing to be trained in the metaverse (from bitcoin to NFT)

TSK ACADEMY offers completely free and comprehensive metaverse training to all our partners

In collaboration with a partner of the network launch of the first collection of article, equipment and artistic, sports or eSports structure.

The objects will be 100% personalized with the image of the SATOSHI KOALAS and the same objects will be offered IRL to children.
Each item and equipment will be limited edition.

Land on the metaverse where the largest country in the Metaverse will be built with infrastructure for Research and Development for the development and progress of children through the arts, sports and eSports.

We will confuse here, the digital and traditional arts as well as sport, eSport and play2earn in order to make the traditional economic sectors of entertainment tend towards a digital economy encouraging practice and progress.

There will no longer be a professional or an amateur, everyone will be encouraged to play and practice an artistic or sporting activity from an early age.


Artist and Athlete supported by TSK

Meet our partners !